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No Way Around But Through

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No Way Around But Through

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Tucked under the cut are some pictures from Opening Night of No Way Around But Through. When I get home from work later I'll do a few more searches to see if I can find anymore. If anyone finds more post away in the comments or start up a new thread.







  • He looks so happy! :D

    His eyes in that first pic look so amazing!
  • But that beard.. Hmm.
    Wonder if Alex is going to see his play?
    • Think I'm getting use to seeing him with the beard. I do prefer clean shaven but that's me.
    • Alex has to go see it! Maybe he's waiting until one of us is there so we can see him, too! :D
  • BEARD!

    so filming for H50 wrapped in late April/early May, and this is the beginning of June (more or less) and Danny's beard is like that?!

    He must have to shave every day to keep his face smooth looking for Danny. I don't remember him having scruff in any episode
    • I don't remember the scruff now that you mention it.

    • He has had scruff in several episodes. The first episode of the second season is one that comes to mind.

      Actually I remember him having scruff more often than not. It obviously never reaches caveman beard like it is here, but there's always something.
      • I'll have to look through my screencaps or even the episodes again, because I'm not seeing it in my head.
        • Yeah. As someone else pointed out below, it seems to have evolved over the past two seasons. I'm pretty sure the scruff is a lot more prevalent in the first season as well, especially in the first few episodes.

          I dunno. I guess it just easy for me to see it, since it seems like Scott always has some kind of scruff/facial hair going on, and that usually transfers to his characters.
  • He looks so pleased! Bet it's a very nice thing to see your own writing brought to life!
  • These are great! He does look really happy!

    As to the beard, I'd like it better if it was a little neater....neck trimmed, for instance. But this must be what the character requires.

    He started out H50 looking scruffy and disheveled, but he got neater within the first few episodes.
    Episode 2:
    • I wonder if Scott cleaned up is beard in the first few episodes as sort of character growth for Danno who went from hating his job and Hawaii to finding a place with 5-0 and a friend in Steve and settling in? Maybe the scruff was meant to show that he was so unhappy that he didn't care what he looked like, but that his self esteem rose when he joined the team.

      Edited at 2012-06-04 05:59 pm (UTC)
      • OHhh, that makes a lot of sense! That could very well it. What a great insight!
    • It's so nice to see a happy Scott :-)

      Was thinking the same thing about the beard, a little bit neater and it would look better. As you mentioned its probably what the character calls for.
  • Maybe Alex and Papa Caan are waiting until non-preview nights to go to the play? (Weren't Saturday and Sunday preview nights and then tonight is the official Opening Night?) IDK...It just seems odd to me that Papa Caan wouldn't go see his favorite son's play like 20 times. *shrug*

    Also, I find it weird that Scotty's girlfriend, Kacy, is no where to be found in these photos and her twitter posts make it sound like she was across town with friends while the play was going on Saturday night.

    Oh well...he looks really happy, so good for him! And Melanie Griffith needs to stop with the thing where she just points to Scott in photos. WTH is that anyway?

    Edited at 2012-06-04 06:04 pm (UTC)
    • Friday and Saturday were the preview shows. Sunday was the official opening night, not open to the public.

      James Caan is filming a movie and couldn't make it to Sunday night's show.

      Kacy was at Sunday night's opening. You can see a pic of here there in the Getty images collection. Kacy was also at the theater on Saturday; several fans who attended the show saw her there.

      *shrugs* I think it's cute that Melanie adores Scott. And the feeling appears to be mutual.
      • I think it's cute that Melanie adores Scott. And the feeling appears to be mutual.

        That's what I was thinking too. The two of them look like they get along so great and Scott even commented about it in one of the interviews.
        • Melanie and Scott have a wonderful chemistry in the play. I would honestly love to see them do more work together. I kinda wish Scott would turn the play into a screenplay and make it as a movie, but I would need to have Melanie play Lulu, like nonnegotiable.
  • Not a fan of the beard... a great fan of him looking so happy though :D
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