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Scott Caan Daily

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A community for fans of Scott Caan.

Welcome to Scott Caan Daily. This is the place for all Scott Caan fans to gather and have fun talking about his work.

There will be at least one daily post with a screencap, picture or graphics along with other posts containing information on current projects, upcoming projects, graphics and anything else related to Scott Caan.

A few rules:
~When posting a picture please make sure that anything before a cut has been resized so that the maximun width and height does not exceed 600 pixels. Anything under the cut can be larger.

~If posting a spoiler please put it under an lj-cut. If you're not sure if it's a spoiler or not best thing is to use an lj cut or PM one of the mods to take a look at the link.

~When posting icons post a teaser with up to three icons and please put the rest under an lj-cut or a link to the post with all of the icons.

~Please tag all of your posts. If you're looking for a tag and you can't find it pm one of the mods and we'll be happy to add it. If you're not sure which tags to use leave it blank and I'll add them or one of my co-mods will add them.

~Members only posts are allowed. The only posts that need to be open for all to see are the Daily Posts.

~Of course all entries must be related to Scott Caan.

~Have fun!